Making a Difference

“I do this because if I can help encourage one student a year to read who might have fallen through the cracks, I feel I have helped that student and society. I also do this to encourage a student to know that there is a dog and an adult who are very interested in them… and maybe they will remember us when their life gets tough. My dog does this because she sees it as her job. She gives freely of her support and truly enjoys contact from each student.”

“One day I had two boys from the third grade. We went to the library as usual and they each had a copy of the same book to read. For the first time, a classroom aide went with us. After the boys had examined my dog, he lay on the floor with both boys next to him. The aide sat near by. The boys took turns reading pages from their books and this went on for the usual 20 minutes. As we were walking back to their classroom, the aid whispered to me, “That was amazing. I work with one of these boys every day. That was the longest he had ever sat still and the first time he had ever read out loud.”

“For Valentine’s Day, we were scheduled to come later in the day so the kids could each make my dog a Valentine during art class. They each came up and read their Valentine to us in front of the class. They had to read loud enough for everyone to hear and show my dog the picture before they sat down.”

“I was walking from the second grade class to the library with two girls. One was especially excited. She told me, ‘I just knew my teacher was going to call my name today.’ ‘How did you know that?’ ‘Because I was crossing my fingers as hard as I could!‘”