Alida Dierker & Copper

Alida Dierker & CopperCopper is a tricolored Australian Shepherd. He is actually the color of a dark old penny with bright copper and white highlights. He is an easygoing, friendly dog and though he doesn’t like to work too hard, he will do tricks for treats. Copper passed his therapy dog test when he was just a year old and, since then, he’s enjoyed going to different places with me and meeting new people. He likes having children read to him at the library and in school. We also visit the elderly at nursing homes. I am glad we can do something we both enjoy that helps people feel good. 

Elna Manges & Snuggle

Elna Manges & Snuggle Snuggle is one of the most “people oriented” dogs I have ever owned. At 1 year and 1 week he was certified by Pet Partners to do therapy work. Though he had a perfect score, he still had a lot of puppy in him and, even today, he vacillates between being very mature for his age and being all puppy. He has been part of the caring canines at the Flagstaff Medical Center and he is also an active member of the Flagstaff Kennel Club K-9 Drill Team. Since he loves children and being with people, the PAWS to Read Program seems like a perfect fit. It is my hope that he will learn to listen as he snuggles and will enjoy this new adventure.

Nola Haynes & Jasper

Nola Haynes & Jasper My name is Jasper Haynes. I was adopted in 2010 from the Arizona Border Collie Rescue and joined the Caring Canine and Paws to Read Programs in 2012. I may not look like a red border collie but I am. I get hot in the summer so my parents keep my hair short. In the summer, I volunteer at the library — what a great place to be — lots of hugs and kisses from the children who read to me. Sometimes the children think I’m not listening while I’m resting my head and eyes, but I can assure them that I am! I take my job seriously. It’s hard work concentrating on what I’m hearing and seeing during the reading time. For a treat, I’ll gladly do a trick; I know a few. When I’m not at the library, I enjoy long walks with my parents and jogging with my dad. I also like to visit the church were my parents attend to help out with projects and serve as the official mascot of the hand bell choir.  

Sybil Smith & Maggi

Sybil Smith & MaggiMaggi is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is learning to be an Agility dog at age 8. She loves going ANYWHERE with me. She does her Maggi dance in the mornings as I gather my things for the work day. She is the office mascot. She tends her “flock” of people throughout the day, providing a brief distraction for colleagues. In turn for doing tricks and just being cute, she gets plenty of treats. Maggi is a happy little dog that is a great representative of her breed. She particularly likes her summer library assignments and her time with students at NAU.

Norma Fife & Hattie Halona

Norma Fife & Hattie HalonaNorma was introduced to “life with dogs” late in life. Her first dog, Milo, loved children. Milo took the Pet Partners therapy training, qualified, and registered to work the program. Unfortunately, his life was cut short, and he died rather suddenly from cancer after 2 years of service. But that didn’t end Norma’s work with therapy animals. She enlisted friends to help find her a new dog with therapy animal traits. Her search was brief. In less than a month, a friend introduced her to Hattie Halona. “Halona” means “a circumstance of joy,” which describes her perfectly. Together, they visit Mountain School for the Paws to Read Program, Ponderosa High for the WAGS Program, NAU’s monthly Paws Your Stress, Reading Week’s Stress Busters, and the community college’s Reading Week stress program. Norma is grateful to her trainers, Liz Tallman, Alida Dierker, and Cinda Sawyer, and says she never realized what she was missing: Life with dogs brings her joy everyday.

Bruce Husband & Samantha

Bruce Husband & SamanthaMy name is Bruce Husband and with my Golden Doodle, Samantha, we have been a therapy team for 3 and a half years. I am especially proud of our work with children. Paws to Read is a good fit for us. We have worked the program for 2 years. The second and third graders we visit love reading to Sammy as much as she loves being read to. We also enjoy the summer reading program at the public library. We have been a busy team. With Caring Canines, we do visitation at Flagstaff Medical Center. We also enjoy working Paws to Stress at NAU. Being registered through Pet Partners has allowed Samantha and I to enjoy many rewarding experiences.

Van & Lynn Munns & Maddy

Van & Lynn Munns & MaddyMaddy, a 4-year-old Golden Retriever, has been doing therapy work since she was 18 months old. She loves going for walks and hikes, chasing balls and playing with her canine friends and, of course, she loves people of all sizes and ages. Maddy does Paws to Read at Mountain School and Caring Canines at Flagstaff Medical Center, and she is a Paws to Stress dog at NAU. We are proud of the work our Golden girl does.